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Top Tips: Rising energy prices and suppliers going bust

Are you struggling with energy bills or worried about further price increases and what this will mean for you?  We have put together some information we hope can help you.

To see what The Money Saving Expert is saying about the current situation click here.

National Energy Action have produced a home energy checklist to help households manage energy bills and keep safe and warm. 

Remember, when it comes to checking your benefit entitlements, our Successful Tenancies Team can help you with this

If you're worried and need to talk to someone about your gas/electricity bills, National Energy Action (NEA) off an advice line.  Available in England and Wales, NEA’s WASH Advice Service is a free support service providing advice to householders on their energy bills and keeping warm and safe in their home. Click here for more information and the number to call.

Click here for top tips for energy saving around the home from Money Saving Expert.

You may be able to apply for a grant or benefits to help you with your energy bills. Citizen's Advice have produced some helpful information around what is available (subject to eligibility). 

If you need help working out what you may be entitled to contact our Advisers in the Successful Tenancies Team, here at Platform.


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