Transforming our homes - we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock and have a longterm plan to ensure all our properties are improved to a minimum of an EPC rated C by 2030.

Housing stock in Bakewell bungalow

Our Plan

We plan to create warmer, more energy-efficient homes through retrofit. 


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Solar PV panels being fitted on house with scaffolding in place


Retrofit is simply the process of making changes to existing buildings, so that energy consumption and emissions are reduced.  These changes should also provide the benefit of a more comfortable and healthier home with lower energy consumption, which also mean lower bills. 

It is not the same as renovation or refurbishment, which means upgrading a house but not necessarily reducing its energy use. 

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Solar panels on roofs houses with scaffold

Energy at home

Useful energy advice and guidance including information on the support being offered by the government and other providers, such as the National Grid. 

We also share information on keeping warm safely, top tips to help you reduce your energy bills and where you can find help and support. 

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