Antisocial Behaviour

You're responsible for the behaviour of your family, other people living in your home and any visitors and nuisance caused to your neighbours, or other people living in your neighbourhood means you're breaking your tenancy conditions. 

If someone in your neighbourhood is causing a nuisance, you can report it to us.


ASB Toolkit

How we deal with antisocial behaviour

We have a Team that deals with all types of issues working in partnership with the police, local Councils and other organisations to tackle issues affecting you and the wider community.

You can report an issue to us on the form below, and we'll contact you to discuss the case and explain what we can do to help.

Click the button below to download our anti social behaviour policy.


As your landlord, we will:

  • look at ways to help prevent anti-social behaviour
  • take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously
  • take appropriate action against people who continually cause a nuisance to their neighbours

We do not expect to get involved in less serious problems, such as disputes over parking or doors being slammed, until you have talked, or attempted to talk, to your neighbour.

You can report ASB to us using the form on this page.

If you are having a problem with a neighbour, talk to them first. Explain exactly what is causing you a problem and why. Most people are reasonable if spoken to calmly and politely, and sometimes they may not be aware they are causing a nuisance.

If you are unable to sort out the problem, please report it to us:


Harassment is the real or perceived interference with a person’s comfort or safety by using intimidation, physical or psychological abuse. This may be verbal, written or by action and can include references to a person’s physical disability, appearance, marital or employment status. It can also include attacks on or damage to property.

Racial harassment is abuse or intimidation because of a person’s ethnic or national origin, race, nationality, colour, religion or belief. Hate crime can also occur because of issues such as a person's disability or their sexual orientation.

If you are experiencing racial harassment or hate crime, you should call the police. Please also report it to us by calling 0333 200 7304.  We will start investigating the problem within 48 hours and will liaise with the police and other agencies.

Where appropriate, we will take legal action. Your safety as a witness is very important so we will offer support to help you feel safer and more confident before, during and after any court case.

Noise Nuisances

As a customer there may be times when you experience noise nuisance and this can take many forms. Noise such as babies crying at night, DIY taking place in daylight hours and normal day to day living noise such as washing machines and tumble dryers are not classed as noise nuisance and will not be treated as such.

We are now able to offer the Noise App to assist with noise nuisance cases. This app is intended to aid you in recording noise nuisance so that we can help resolve any noise issues between you and your neighbour(s).

Please ensure before downloading this app that you have contacted us directly and logged a noise complaint with us using the form on this page. You can also e-mail: or telephone 0333 200 7304.
We will provide you with a code which will enable you submit your recordings onto the App. 
It will not be possible for us to accept and review your Noise App submissions until a case has been logged.

A member of our Team will get in touch with you and they will discuss the nature of the noise and advise whether or not you should download and record the nuisance using the Noise App. They will give you a code which must be input when you are requested to do so when using the App. They will also let you know whether we will look to pursue the matter or not. Please be aware that if you send us noise recordings from this app and there is no noise nuisance case logged with us we will not look to take any action or listen to the recordings until you have done so.

The Noise App

The Noise App is a quick and easy way to record noise which is causing an annoyance or nuisance. If possible, customers should have an open anti-social behaviour case with us before using the app..

You will need a ‘smart’ phone device to use this app and broadband is recommended so it doesn’t use your mobile data allowance. Just download the app on your smartphone and start recording the noise that is causing the problem straight away.

How it works

Instantly record noise nuisance on your smartphone to create an accurate record of the problem and how it affects you. 

Once you’ve recorded your evidence, you can send it directly to Platform via the Noise App Portal. You can also keep a personal ‘Noise Diary’ in the app, which will help you review your recordings.

The recordings are uploaded directly onto a secure portal that Platform officers can access, and they can make a quick judgement of the noise and what action is necessary. You can make up to 20 recordings each day and each recording lasts for up to 30 seconds.  

Downloading the app

For information on how to download the app to your device please visit The Noise App website.

Once you've downloaded the app, follow the steps to create an account and search for 'Platform Housing' when asked for your Investigator / Housing Provider.

Once you've downloaded the app

Once you've created an account, the app is incredibly easy to use. It will guide you through making your first recording and sending it to Platform, but if you need more detailed instructions please read The Noise App User Guide or watch The Nosie App Walkthrough Video

Report Antisocial Behaviour

Method contact

Preferred contact method for us to come back to you

What happened?
When did it happen?
How did it make you feel?
How long has it been going on for?
Are there any witnesses? If yes please provide details
Who was involved?
Do you know the names or addresses of those involved?

Have you reported this to any other organisation already (such as the police or local authority)

What would you like us to do to help resolve this issue for you?
Please upload a relevant photo or file if possible
To process your application, Platform Housing need to collect, use, and retain information. We are also keen to hear about your experience and the benefit the support has provided and may contact you for your feedback.

I understand the information I provide will be managed in accordance with Data protection legislation and the Platform Housing privacy notice which is available on our website

I understand in some circumstances it may be necessary for Platform Housing to share my contact details which may include, name, address, email address and telephone number with suppliers and/or other organisations to support my application. Platform Housing will notify me if my personal data needs to be shared and with who.

I declare that all of the information I have given is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I will inform Platform Housing of any change which may affect this application. I understand that giving false information will result in Platform Housing Group taking steps to prevent approval of any future applications made.

ASB Case Review

Anti-social behaviour case review

Responding to, and tackling, anti-social behaviour is a priority for all community safety partners, which is made up of a number of organisations brought together to bring those causing anti-social behaviour to justice and to provide support for those affected by it.

  • What is the ‘ASB Case Review’?

    The ASB case review gives anyone who has reported anti-social behaviour the right to request a review of their case. This review can be requested if someone doesn't feel their concerns have been dealt with, acted upon, or that organisations have been unable to resolve the serious persistent, or targeted, anti-social behaviour successfully.

    The aim of the review is to see whether anything else can be done and possibly find solutions that may not have been considered.

    Generally the ASB case review process is managed by the local council on behalf of the other organisations that will be involved in the review, such as the police, local health teams and housing providers.

    When to use the ASB case review

    You can use the ASB case review if you have reported three or more related incidents of anti-social behaviour, within the last six months.

    It doesn’t matter who the anti-social behaviour has been reported to. It could be the council, the police or your landlord.

    You can also apply for the ASB case review on behalf of someone else, but you must provide their consent along with the application form.

    When not to use the ASB case review

    The ASB case review is not intended to be an alternative to our complaints procedure

    How to use the ASB case review

    To use the ASB case review to request an anti-social behaviour case review, you must complete the application form on your local Council’s website. You can find your local Council here 

Case Study - Persistent high levels of ASB

Outcome - Eviction

The perpetrator in this eviction case:-

  • repeatedly demonstrated a high level of serious ASB
  • verbal abuse towards their own family, our colleagues, and other professionals from partner agencies
  • majority of the verbal abuse, inappropriate behaviour and aggressive threats of violence were directed at neighbours, which was causing a significant negative impact on their health and wellbeing.

Other sanctions including a Criminal Behaviour Order and a suspended prison sentence for various criminal offences. Our Community Safety Officer worked with the police and the local community to gather evidence needed including video footage and witness statements. Obtaining the possession order was only possible due to the courage of residents who provided information and gave evidence in court.


Case Study - persistent ASB

Outcome - Civil Injunction, Suspended Prison Sentence and Possession Order

We received a number of complaints from customers living in an apartment building about a neighbour that was causing a disturbance by:-

  • playing loud music
  • smoking cannabis
  • having large numbers of visitors to their property in the early hours of the morning.

Neighbours asked the perpetrator to be more considerate but received verbal abuse and threats. Our Neighbourhood Officer and police visited and made referrals to support agencies but the ASB increased and they failed to engage. Warning letters, further visits and an acceptable behaviour contract were issued, but the ASB continued. A courageous customer supported our application and a 2-year Civil Injunction Order was obtained but was breached regularly, so we returned to court. Following non-attendance by the perpetrator, they were arrested and issued with a 15-day suspended prison sentence. The ASB continued and customers made requests to move, we then applied back to the court to obtain a Possession Order.