Our Strategies

Below you will our find our revised Corporate Strategy alongside the supporting strategies that guide us.

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Our Latest Review

In 2023, we completed a mid-term review of our Corporate Strategy, to sense check our strategic goals and measures and, ensure they could deliver on our priorities as well as those facing the wider housing sector.

As part of this, we revisited our purpose, vision, and mission, to ensure they keep us true to our cause, provide meaning in all we do, including each decision we make. You can see where we landed below.

our values
Our Purpose (why we are here)

To deliver a customer-first housing experience for a better future.

Our Vision (where we are heading)

We will create homes everyone is proud of and places where people thrive.

Our Mission (how we will get there)

By investing in people and places, we will build a stronger, more sustainable future.

Our Revised Corporate Strategy

Our revised Corporate Strategy shapes our business and drives our priorities until 2026, guiding us on our path to achieve our vision and keep customers at the heart of all we do.


Our Supporting Strategies

We are in the process of reviewing our supporting strategies and will share them soon.