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Homes for Ukraine

Platform Housing has received a number of inquiries about the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme in relation to becoming a sponsor. If you are a Platform customer and would like to take part in the scheme please complete this form.

We fully support this scheme and any of our customers who want to help Ukrainian nationals at this very difficult time. As an organisation, we are doing all we can to help with efforts to provide support in several ways.  

Everyone who applies to this scheme will be subject to a range of checks, including those in the sponsoring household and those coming to the UK. Homes will also be checked for suitability.

You must be willing to provide accommodation for at least 6 months. You will not receive rent payments; however, the Government is offering an optional "thank you" payment of £350 per month.

Current information states that this payment should not affect a sponsors entitlement to benefits or council tax status - we will continue to update our website as more information about the scheme becomes available.

If you are thinking about registering on the scheme, please remember there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure you are still complying with your tenancy agreement.

  • If you are a tenant with Platform Housing, you need to seek our permission.

  • You also must not overcrowd your home.

To find out more and read the FAQs, please click here.

To register on the scheme please click here.

If you have a question or a problem using the service, email

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