Dangerous Dogs

Some dogs can become aggressive and bite other people or animals.

Under the law any dog (of any breed or type) can be considered dangerous in any place if it is not kept under control. The dog doesn’t have to bite anyone; it could just show aggressive behaviour.

If you are in fear of your safety, please contact the Police immediately on 101 or report the dangerous dog to your Local Authority Dog Warden Service.

Once you have reported this to the Police/Local Authority, please use this form.

Dog Fouling

Dog owners can be given an on-the-spot fine by the Local Authority if they do not clear up after their dog. The amount varies from council to council.

1. Talk to your neighbour
Try speaking to your neighbours, they may not be aware their actions are disturbing you.

2. Let us know
You can report this by using this form.

3. Next steps
We will arrange the area to be cleaned/cleared if this is a communal area owned by us. If we are aware of the pet owner and have evidence to support who is responsible for the incident they will be held liable for this cost.

4. Contact your Local Authority
If the offence took place in a public area such as a pavement or park, please contact the Local Authority who will make contact with your neighbour and possibly issue a fine if you are able to provide them with sufficient evidence

Dogs Barking

We only consider dogs barking to be anti-social behaviour if it's persistent

1. Talk to your neighbour
Try speaking to your neighbours, they may not be aware their actions are disturbing you.

2. Contact us
You can report this by using this form. We will investigate the report that has been made and an action plan will be agreed which will include use of the Noise App and/or keeping a record.

3. Noise App
If you don’t feel safe approaching your neighbour, or you have tried speaking to your neighbour and the situation has not improved, the noise app is your next step. Find out more about the Noise App.

4. Keep a record
If you are unable to use the Noise App, keep a record of dates, times, the incident and the impact on you/your family. This is so we can monitor the situation, working closely with the police to take the necessary action.

5. Environmental Health
You may also be advised to contact and report this to your local Environmental Health Officer. Should they take enforcement action, we will use this as evidence against the perpetrator if appropriate. You may also be asked

6. Mediation
If the situation has not improved, mediation might be of help to you. It’s an informal, confidential and independent service available to help neighbours sort out their differences and reach an agreement. They can help you and your neighbour(s) understand each other’s point of view and reach a solution.  Please ask and we will refer you. 

We require customers to seek permission for keeping any pets, and an agreement must be signed  stating they will look after the animals and not allow them to cause nuisance.  If you feel that an animal is not being well looked after, please consider reporting to the RSPCA.