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Corporate Strategy - our vision for you

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and to do that, it's important our Corporate Strategy reflects our aims and objectives that build an organisation which will be fit for the future needs of our customers and communities.


Here's the bit you'll find interesting... the customer part of the Strategy -   Customer Strategy Brochure.pdf [pdf] 166KB

Roadmap to 2026


In the Corporate Strategy you'll find out more about how we will set standards and deliver a quality service including Sustainability, Environmental and Social Value Creation, reducing cost to our customers through design and build, our aim to reduce our carbon footprint in all services and products, how we are creating a fully developed and implemented long-term Green Philosophy and Plan, and our embedded use of sustainable materials such as emerging green technologies with proven impact.

Take a look at our video that sets out how we will continue to strive to be a truly modern housing association.

Video detailing key points of the Corporate Strategy

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