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Platform Recognised for Safeguarding Work

we're proud to be shortlisted

One of our values is 'People Matter', so we’re delighted that our team behind a new safeguarding procedure have been shortlisted for a national award. 

The project to improve how we handle safeguarding across the group has been recognised as one of the Innovations of the Year at the prestigious UK Housing Awards. 

The work to move to a more efficient system has improved our response time and now provides insights that mean our customers can one day be protected from safeguarding incidents before they even happen. 

It’s the result of a lot of hard work and as always with our most successful projects, great collaboration between different teams in our IT and Housing Operations departments to achieve a real solution. 

The rollout to teams in Platform Property Care have been instrumental in helping us see some great results of the service so far, with the new system allowing those  colleagues, who are often at the frontline of witnessing safeguarding issues, to report concerns quicker and easier. 

The efficiency of the system and the quality of the data we collect will mean that as an organisation we can do so much more to help and even prevent safeguarding issues for customers. 

For more about the awards, click here.

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