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Gas safety roadshow provides winter ready messages

Platform took to the road earlier this month as part of its commitment to gas safety.

Platform Housing Group – one of the UK’s largest social landlords – took part in a series of community events throughout the UK to offer advice and tips on ensuring boilers are winter ready, as well as launching a quarterly prize drawer to encourage customers to ensure operatives have access to their homes on their first attempt to carry out servicing of their appliances.

Colleagues from the heating team and the building safety team attended events at community hubs in Worcestershire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire; visitors and customers were provided with literature on gas safety and gas meter cupboard keys with the team providing handy tips on heating homes as efficiently as possible and the importance of annual gas safety checks.

Phil Trickett, Heating Services Delivery Manager at Platform Housing Group said : “We can’t stress how important gas safety is; anyone who uses gas in their homes needs to be aware of the gas risks and how to keep safe.  Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances and installations can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning which affects more than one thousand people a year and can be fatal.  Such community events are vital in order for us to talk directly to our customers and provide them with all the information they require to be gas safe.”

 Paul Rodgers and Paul Pearson

Above: l to r, Paul Rodgers and Paul Pearson, both Gas Service Managers at Platform Property Care, took part in a series of gas safety roadshows earlier this month

For further information please contact Phil Trickett, Heating Services Delivery Manager at Platform Housing Group at

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