Our 2022 Community Heroes Award Winners




We had so many nominations this year, especially in the last 12 months which have been particularly tough for so many. You can find out more about this year's winners below. Click on their image to watch a video of them getting their trophy!

Communities Together

This award is for bringing communities together, ensuring no-one is excluded.

Roxy Leonard Nothing brings a community together better than food, and this year's winner Roxy Leonard has been feeding people in her local area for years!

From volunteering to run free food shops, cooking meals for families over winter to distributing meat on Christmas eve, she's brought people together like no one else. Most recently she's taken on a local breakfast club when the nearby church were unable to carry it on.

Watch Roxy receive her award by clicking here.



Digital Award

The Digital Award is all about someone going that extra mile in helping themselves or others improve theiLiz Jaunceyr digital skills.

This year’s winner Liz Jauncey started out when she found her interest in family history was a great way to connect with residents at her supported living scheme. Showing the residents their family past and helping them explore their family tree provided great comforts over a very tough time. In the process, she's helped develop their IT skills and made some fascinating discoveries about the place she volunteers in.

Watch Liz receive her award by clicking here.


Outstanding Contribution to Customer Involvement

Jon Piggott This award which recognises Outstanding Contribution to Customer Involvement, awarded for commitment as involved Platform customers to improving services.

Our winner of this award, Jon Piggott, dedicates almost all of his spare time to just this. His mission has seen him sit on various panels and lead various groups in making sure everyone's voice is heard.

He continues to stack up achievements and what's best of all, his motivation for doing so comes purely from the desire to give something back to those who helped him when he needed it most.

Watch Jon receive his award by clicking here.



Positive Changes

This award is for making Positive Changes and taking big steps to improve lives. Paul Barber

Our winner, Paul Barber, is someone who showed spirit and depermination make changes to his and more importantly others lives, despite a lot of things going against him.

A back problem means he was on crutches for our Communities Week BE ACTIVE project, but that didn't stop him covering over 3 miles a day to get involved. His volunteer work has a massive impact on his community.

Watch Paul receive his award by clicking here.



Outstanding Platform Volunteer

Liz PetticanThis award is to honor our Outstanding Platform Volunteer.

When the project you're passionate about involves being outside in all weathers, it takes a certain type of dedication to stick to the cause.

This year’s winner, Liz Pettican, volunteers her time and effort into making her local community garden the best it can be - because she knows how much good it does for her local community to have something like that on their doorstep.

Watch Liz receive her award by clicking here.


Environmental Award

Our Environmental award is for improving the world around us. Melvin Mundon

This year’s winner, Melvin Mundon, has thrown himself into volunteering at his community centre and when he discovered the garden project, he found his happy place.

He spends hours each week renovating and improving the space so others can enjoy it. What is there now is a flourishing garden, complete with plants, benches and wildlife. Coming from an environment of social isolation was hard at first, but through his new found love for the garden, his confidence has grown. He takes pride in his work and revels in the enjoyment others get from it.

Watch Melvin receive his award by clicking here.

Going the Extra Mile in Exceptional Times

Claire Hardcastle This award is for someone who's really risen to the challenge to help others.

Our winner, Claire Hardcastle, is a working mum, volunteer at the local community cafe and coach of two girls football teams.

But it's her work with young women, empowering them to stay fit and achieve things that she is most proud of.

Watch Claire receive her award by clicking here.


Do you know a 2023 Community Hero

platform community heroes logoDo you know a Platform Community Hero who deserves recognition?

We'd like Platform customers to nominate individuals and groups who have had a positive impact on their community.


Do all nominees have to be Platform customers?

Usually, yes, but we will also consider nominations for people who volunteer for Platform who are not customers or for groups that include Platform customers but whose members are not all Platform customers, as long as what they do benefits people in our communities.


Do I need to check the person’s happy to be nominated before I nominate them?

Yes please. We want to share people’s stories but only if people are happy for their stories to be shared.


What will happen if Platform decides that they do want to recognise the person or group I nominate?

We’ll let you know and we’ll contact the person or group. We’ll arrange with them to share their story and image on social media. A panel of judges chooses shortlists and winners for the Awards. Winners receive a trophy and voucher.


We’d love to hear nominations from anyone who knows someone who deserves recognition for one of these categories:

Exceptional Times: Going the Extra Mile

People who have risen to the challenges of these times to help those around them.

Outstanding Contribution to Customer Involvement 

People who have shown tremendous commitment, as involved Platform customers, to improving services.

Young Person Award

Young people (under the age of 18) who have stepped up to make a difference for others in their community.

Communities Together

People or groups who have done great work to bring communities together, ensuring that no-one is excluded.

Outstanding Platform Volunteer

Platform volunteers who have shown outstanding commitment.

Environmental Award

People or groups who have taken steps to improve the world around us, either focusing on immediate surroundings or tackling more global issues.

Positive Changes Award  


People who have taken brave steps to take their lives in a positive direction.


Digital Award 


People who have gone the extra mile in helping others to develop digital skills or people who have developed their own skills against the odds.

Street Award

Communities that are proud of their street or block.

A panel of judges chooses shortlists and winners for the Awards. Winners receive a trophy and voucher.

Nominate your Community Hero NOW!

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