Going the Extra Mile Award

This award is all about celebrating someone who goes above and beyond to help others.

Going the Extra Mile Award

Going the Extra Mile Award Winner 2024

The Going the Extra Mile Award for 2024 has been awarded to Evesham mum, Kerry Wood.

In 2021, the community ambulance station in Evesham closed, meaning that ambulances had to travel from Worcester, Warwick, or Gloucester, causing delays in patient care. As a paramedic and busy mum of four, Kerry took it upon herself to research and install defibrillators in the town.

Kerry has tirelessly fundraised for more and has set up a team of people to carry on her work; there are now 24 throughout the town.

Kerry's dedication to improving her community has set her apart. From spearheading life-saving initiatives to inspiring others, Kerry embodies the spirit of this award. 

Read more about Kerry's story here.

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