Our Performance

Measuring our performance is essential to ensure that we are meeting our goals and aspirations. It also helps us to monitor exactly where we are in terms of providing our customers with the high standards of service that we have promised. Our performance outcomes feed our improvement plans to ensure we are delivering efficient and effective services for all our customers. Below you can see our performance outcomes month by month.

Our Performance - June 2022

our performance for june 2022

Our Performance - May 2022

our performance may

Our Performance - April 2022

our performance for april 2022

Our Performance - March 2022

how we're doing - march 2022

Our Performance - February 2022

Our performance stats for feb 2022

Our Performance - January 2022

Our performance for Jan 2022

Our Performance - December 2021

How we're doing for December 2021

Our Performance - November 2021

our performance figures for nov 2021

Our Performance - October 2021

Our performance for october 2021

Our Performance - September 2021

our performance for september

Our Performance - August 2021

Our performance figures for august

Our Performance - July 2021

How we're doing - July 2021

Our Performance - June 2021

Infographic detailing statistics on business areas performance

Our Performance - May 2021

Our performance- how we're doing May 2021

Our Performance - April 2021

An image showing various statistics of performance

Our Performance - March 2021

How we're doing march 2021