Seeds Are Growing For Perry Wood Primary Schools Community Garden

20 July 2023
2 mins

Plant life and green fingers are the focus at Perry Wood Primary School in Worcester thanks to a grant of £1,400 from Platform Housing Groups Community Chest fund.

The funding has provided the opportunity to launch their very own community garden within their 'nest' building which hosts other community engagements through family hub drop-in sessions every other Wednesday. The school has been able to replace old gardening tools and equipment, purchase raised bed planters and compost, along with plants and seeds. Parent volunteers, who have been leading the project have planted various vegetables and plants in order to share the first harvest with the wider community and children at the school. The garden has become a space for parents to tend to and unwind; impacting positively on their wellbeing.

Mrs Munslow, Assistant Head at the school said, "We are really proud of the achievement and progress made in the garden this year and we are so grateful for the funding to support the launch, without which, it would not have been possible. Not only do the parents feel empowered by their vision coming to fruition, but they have enjoyed learning so much about gardening too. We can't wait to see how the project evolves."

As the project develops, the parents hope to involve children in education around the life cycle of plants and the environment now that the three large raised beds have been installed in the Nest garden. In addition, they are keen to involve other community groups, and invite them to use the space.

Marion Duffy, Platform Housing Group’s Chief Operations Officer said, “We’re proud to be able to help with projects such as this. It is a fantastic learning opportunity and a great idea where space might be limited but it allows all the community to be involved.”

Platform customers and local charities, clubs and other not-for-profit organisations can apply for Community Chest Funding if their work or project directly benefits local Platform customers. All applications are assessed against specific eligibility criteria by customers who sit on their Customer Experience Panel.

Local community groups can find out more and apply for Platform’s Community Chest Funding here.