Platform serves up warm meals to Worcester residents

16 February 2024
1 min

In a heartwarming initiative to combat food crisis, we've distributed more than 450 portions of hot food to customers in the last couple of months through our Big Stew events across Worcester.


The initiative – which has now organised 8 such events - has successfully fed more than 2,500 customers.

The events focus on providing nutritious meals and fostering a sense of community and are welcomed by residents.

Preparations for the stews started off at two ‘Snack and Chat’ events where customers enjoyed hearty meals and engaged with people in the communities.

Marion Duffy, Chief Operations Officer at Platform Housing Group said: “The positive response to our Big Stew events from the local community has been fabulous.  We started this project with the aim of making a difference; seeing the joy and gratitude on our customers’ faces will continue to motivate us to provide similar initiatives.”

Sharon Amos, Project Manager at Worcester Community Trust said: “We are so proud of all the volunteers who have worked so hard cooking and serving these nutritious meals.  Our partnership work with Platform is of real benefit to our local communities, enabling us to deliver events such as these.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those involved.”