Platform helps exploitation victim find new home

6 February 2024
2 mins

Harassment, domestic abuse, exploitation and modern slavery can leave people in vulnerable situations with no way out; this is where we can help - Our Lettings team have supported a vulnerable tenant get their life back on track and to feel safe again.


A tenant suffering with mental health issues including complex PTSD, neighbour harassment and domestic abuse from an ex-partner had been forced out of her home of four years and was staying temporarily at a family house for her safety. She was also a victim of exploitation and modern slavery and had rent arrears that she wasn’t aware of due to not being at the property.


Following prompt dedicated support and partnership working from our Lettings team with another housing provider and the Localities team, the tenant was able to find a new home in a suitable area with relevant support with arrears and ongoing health management.


Gemma Lawrence, Head of Lettings at Platform Housing, said: “This is an example of the essential help and support our teams are able to provide that mean so much to people who find themselves in circumstances through no fault of their own.”


The customer appreciated all the help she’d been given and said: “I just really wanted to say thank you for your patience and advocacy, over the course of my housing application with Platform Housing and for allowing me time to clear my previous arrears. Without your patience and understanding, I wouldn't have got this far. I wouldn't have been given this chance. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to rectify such issues, and for advocating for me. I have needed some positive news and a break for what feels like such a long time.”