Our new ‘Created with Customers’ Stamp!

27 November 2023
1 min

Our Customer Sound Board (CSB) regularly review draft customer communications, in the form of leaflets, letters, guides, etc., before they are finalised and shared with customers.


By gathering CSB members feedback and recommendations for improvement on our draft communications, we are able to make appropriate updates and amendments, endorsed from a customer’s point of view, prior to final sign off.


Our CSB members role in reviewing communications is very important and makes sure that the look and feel of our customer documents, along with the content and information, is friendly and easily accessible to all. This is why we have worked with them to develop a new Created with Customers stamp, which is displayed in the above image.


This stamp will be added to any documents that have been reviewed so customers can see at a glance if it has gone through our review process.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so making sure our Customer Sounding Board members have the opportunity to review and feedback on our customer communications is key to us delivering easy to access leaflets, letters and documentation.” explains Gem Murphy, Platform’s Head of Customer and Community Engagement.


“The newly created ‘Created with Customers’ stamp of approval will enable all of our customers to see at a glance that the document they are reading has already been reviewed and approved by their follow customers.”