Clean Air Day 2023

14 June 2023
2 mins

Clean Air Day is 15th June 2023.

Clean Air Day is the UK’s biggest campaign to stop air pollution. Air pollution negatively affects our health, including mental health.

As a part of Platform’s commitment to developing sustainable and healthy communities we have outlined a range of goals for addressing air pollution, among a range of environmental issues:

  • We will develop a biodiversity action plan which sets out a strategic approach for managing our land and green spaces. This will focus on encouraging biodiversity, mitigating flood and fire risks, reducing overheating and air pollution, water conservation and enhancing the natural environment of our new developments and existing communities.
  • We will ensure our communities are resilient to climate change with interventions such as sustainable drainage systems to reduce flood risk and trees for shading absorbing carbon emissions and air pollutants. 

Platform will also develop a range of sustainable transport plans that will help address air pollution:

  • We will seek to support sustainable transport and active travel plans and initiatives, through improved cycling lanes and facilities, car clubs and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, especially in areas where local public transport is limited.
  • We will develop an Electric Vehicle Charging policy with our Housing Operations teams to guide residents on installing charge points.
  • We will continue to support Electric Vehicle adoption in Platform staff through the Tusker salary sacrifice scheme.

These commitments acknowledge our strong commitment to sustainability and delivering on our energy and decarbonisation targets.

Find out how you can make a difference, this year’s campaign aims to encourage people to visit the Clean Air Hub here.