Electrical Safety


We need to carry out regular electrical inspections and tests because electrical installations deteriorate due to issues such as damage, wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences.    

Electricity is a major cause of fires, and electricity can cause injury such as electric shock, burns and falls.  

Electrician working on a socket

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  • We will carry out an electrical safety check on your home periodically and undertake any works identified during the check promptly. 
  • We will carry out an electrical safety check every 5 years in communal area of all blocks and undertake any works identified during the check promptly. 
  • Where applicable, carry out an electrical check as part of major works on your home. 
  • Ensure every property has a safety check when it is void (empty) and undertake any required works prior to the property being let. 
  • Maintain a register of all electrical checks carried out to ensure the effective management and monitoring of the electrical safety process. 
  • Ensure any Platform Operative or contractor undertaking works in our homes are properly electrically qualified for the works they are undertaking. 
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Tips for loss of power

Here are a few things to try before you call to report a fault:  

Check your trip-switch or fuses to make sure you do not have a fault with an appliance: 

  • If the trip switch is on, turn the switch off and back on again. 
  • If the supply is not restored, push the “test” button. If the switch trips, there is a fault with one of your appliances. You should then turn off all appliances and turn the switch back on. Now switch your appliances on one by one and if the power trips when you turn on an appliance, that is the faulty appliance. It may be as simple as a light bulb needs replacing. 

Check with your neighbours, if they are having a problem, it may be a power cut. You should call your electricity supplier to advise them, and to ask if they are aware of the problem and how long the power may be off for. 

Did you know?

That we have a handy video about Maintaining Electrical and Lighting in your home, that you can view here.

That you can check to see whether any electrical appliance you have in your home are subject to a safety recalls?  

You can also sign up for free alerts at -  www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk