Debt Information

Bonds Debt Information

Platform Housing has participated in debt capital markets bond issues directly, via its financing subsidiary Platform HG Financing plc, and historically via social housing financing aggregators, primarily via bLEND Funding Plc and Affordable Housing Finance Plc. The following PDF contains details of the most recent bond issues:

Platform Bonds Debt Information [pdf] 423KB

Bank Debt Information 

Platform Housing has 8 principal banking partners.  As at March 2021 these facilities totalled £1,061m, of which £531m was drawn and £530m was available to draw.

Platform Bank Debt Information [pdf] 118KB

Debt Maturities  

Platform has a policy to avoid debt maturities that are over 25% of drawn debt in any 12 month period.  Debt maturities consist of larger capital markets transactions towards the end of the profile and a number of smaller bank repayments beforehand.  The exception to this is the Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF) that is due to mature in May 2021.

Platform Debt Maturities [pdf] 117KB

Corporate and Financing Structure 

The majority of Platform’s historical borrowing resides within Platform Housing Limited, the main asset owning and trading entity.  A funding subsidiary, Platform HG Financing Plc, issues debt capital markets instruments and on-lends the proceeds to Platform Housing Limited as the borrower.

Corporate Financing Structure [pdf] 147KB