New ways to report Damp and Condensation Mould 

24 February 2023
3 mins

We understand that mould and condensation problems in your home can be concerning.  By working together, we believe that we can successfully tackle these issues.  We are introducing a new way of reporting damp and condensation mould – a new, better, more efficient way for you and for us.    

  We have created new help guides and tips on what damp and condensation looks like, how it is caused, and leaflets on how you can tackle it in various examples around the home.   

We would also like to assure you that we will be contacting all customers who have previously reported any damp and mould concerns in their home.   Even if you have told us before, we want to know if the problem remains so that we can investigate what is continuing to cause the damp and condensation mould and find an appropriate solution.    

There may be obstacles or reasons that may be preventing you from following the guidance. information, these may include fuel poverty, physical disability, or property design.  Please get in touch with us and we will investigate how we can help.  We have teams of experts in all areas so will look for solutions according to needs.   

How do I report my damp and condensation mould concerns?  


The new reporting form is the best way for you to report any damp and/or condensation mould, concerns you may have.  Please go to the Your Platform customer portal and complete the new short reporting form.   

You will need to log into your account on the portal to be able to submit the form, which can be found on the ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ page.  

If you do not have a Your Platform account, it’s easy to register – you just need your tenancy reference number, which can be found on any letters we have sent you. You can find out more here

By phone  

If you are unable to report through the Your Platform portal, then please contact our Contact Centre which is open from 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. Our contact number is 0333 200 7304.  

If you have a smart phone or tablet, we may invite you to a video chat call.   It’s a great service as it enables us to accurately assess damp and condensation mould in your home in real time and enables our property operatives to see any issues prior to visiting you.  It also means that we can offer immediate advice and act quickly.    

Platform believe that by introducing these new processes and ways of reporting, we will be able to identify and deal with damp and condensation mould promptly and efficiently.    

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