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Persistent high levels of ASB

Outcome - Eviction
We take the decision to evict a customer very seriously as someone losing their home is obviously not a positive outcome. When we have utilised and exhausted all other available options to manage ASB, including injunctions and exclusion orders, eviction can sometimes be the only remaining option we can take to protect our customers and communities.


The perpetrator in this eviction case repeatedly demonstrated a high level of serious ASB, including verbal abuse towards their own family, our colleagues, and other professionals from partner agencies. Sadly, most of the verbal abuse, inappropriate behaviour and aggressive threats of violence were directed at neighbours, which was causing a significant negative impact on their health and wellbeing. Other sanctions including a Criminal Behaviour Order and a suspended prison sentence for various criminal offences had been tried and failed. Our Community Safety Officer worked closely with the police and the local community to gather the extensive amount of evidence needed to obtain an eviction, including video footage and witness statements. 

Obtaining the possession order was only possible due to the courage of residents who provided information and gave evidence in court. Throughout this difficult case, our Neighbourhood and Community Safety Officers engaged with a range of partner agencies to also ensure that relevant support was in place for the perpetrator, who had registered disabilities. This included the completion of a risk assessment and the preparation of a Public Sector Equality Duty statement in line with the equality act. A mental health assessment concluded that the ASB was not as a result of any health issues.


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