Elizabeth Froude

Elizabeth Froud Group Chief Executive Group Chief Executive

Elizabeth has an extensive business change background working for large FTSE companies both in UK and across Europe; these have been mostly in operationally focussed roles involving process improvement, mergers and buy outs. Her housing career began 14 years ago and includes involvement in the creation of the Radian Group, the only 3-way merger in housing to this day.

Jon Cocker

Jon Cocker

Chief Information Officer

Jon leads on IT, performance reporting and project management.

Marion Duffy

Marion Duffy Chief Operations Officer

Marion is responsible for all tenures of Housing, the Contact Centre and Income Management.

Clare Durnin

Clare Durnin Corporate Services Director Executive Director (Corporate Resources) 

Clare is responsible for HR, governance, business improvement and customer experience.

Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans Executive Director (Property Management)

Dennis is leading all activity relating to existing properties including maintenance, investment and compliance

Rosemary Farrar

Rosemary Farrar Chief Finance Officer

Rosemary is a strong and experienced leader with many years of housing finance experience.

Gerraint Oakley

Gerraint Oakley Executive Director (Growth and Development) 

Gerraint leads our development activities to increase the number of homes we deliver and expand our capability across tenures.