Current Feedback Projects

Below is an overview of the most recent projects our customers have been involved in, and how their feedback is making a difference.

Group of involved customers chatting through a review



Type of Review

Review of new Damp, Mould and Condensation Leaflet

Customers are reviewing a revised Damp, Condensation and Mould guide for customers that replaces two separate leaflets, with the aim to make information more accessible for customers.

Customer Sounding Board


Review of Fire Safety in Communal Areas information for customers

Customers reviewed four documents around fire safety in communal areas, including keeping areas tidy and our zero tolerance approach. 

These notices are posted through customers doors and include essential information to keep our customers safe. Our Fire Safety team are now reviewing the feedback to make improvements to these documents.

Customer Sounding Board


Review of Electrical Maintenance checks leaflet

Customers reviewed a leaflet on carrying out Electrical maintenance checks as we would like to redesign the leaflet following customer feedback. Our Customer Experience team are now reviewing the feedback to pull together a new leaflet design. 

Customer Sounding Board


Review of Rent Increase letter

Customers are reviewing the Rent Increase letter that all customers will receive. 

They will be giving feedback on the way the letter is written and how this made them feel as well as suggesting improvements and changes.

Focus Groups

In person

Feedback on proposal for a New Build customer portal

New Build customer portal – Customers attended an online focus group to feedback on the idea of creating a new customer portal for customers of new builds (this would be rented, shared ownership & outright sales).

Focus Groups


Co-creation session to review and discuss tenancy sign up packs

Colleagues and customers recently met to review the information we currently give customers as part of their tenancy sign up. 

Groups worked together to put forward ideas for what sort of information should be included in future, and what format this should take.

Our Localities team are now reviewing the outcomes of the co-creation bootcamp and will start to put together a document based on the feedback, with customers signing off the final version. 


In person

Investigation into complaints handling

This investigation will review complaints that have escalated to the final review stage or resulted in compensation.



Feedback on existing communal cleaning service to shape our future service

Over the Summer consultation was carried out with customers with focus groups and surveys taking place online and in person across our operating areas. 

We are now running a consultation with customers who are opted out of the service to gain further feedback and insight.


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