Platform features in Housing Executive Magazine

5 April 2024
2 mins

The Housing Executive Magazine has shone a spotlight on Platform’s Strategic Customer Voice Model, which was developed to create an environment where our customers can confidently share their views, question how we do things and ultimately hold us to account.


Platform’s Chief Operations Officer, Marion Duffy, explains more, “Our involved customers play a pivotal role in representing the views of all of our customers, who sit at the heart of our organisation. 


“We recognise that working together to co-create, scrutinise and improve our services is essential if we’re to tailor, strengthen and improve what we do and offer value for money. We need to listen, understand, learn from and implement our customers’ recommendations to ensure we can deliver the services they want and need; vital objectives that are reflected in the recent Social Housing Regulation Act and Better Social Housing Review.” 


Marion’s views on the importance of listening and learning from residents are echoed by our Customer Voice Panel member, Megan, “Due to the cost of living crisis and other societal pressures, it’s more important than ever for both social and private landlords to listen to their tenants as they can offer a unique perspective on issues that directly impact them. 


“Platform is working hard to bring us into the fold through the Customer Voice Panel, creating a space that allows us to review, change and improve policies and the services offered to us.”  



Read the full article on page 11 of the Housing Executive Magazine: