alison holland


Scrutiny Panel Member

“I'm proud to be a part of a great team who are all equally committed to their volunteer roles at Platform, as we do make a difference!” 


I joined the Scrutiny Panel as they provide a much-needed service and was pleased to see how they assist Platform in a variety of areas that can be improved. It’s been totally rewarding, as I provide a voice for all tenants.  


I had skills, but no confidence to put them to good use until volunteering literally changed my life. Getting involved has been a privilege and has offered me so many valuable experiences and I'd certainly recommend it!  


It provides a resident’s view of life in social housing and helps to improve standards for all. It helps Platform maintain a better understanding and therefore a better standard of services.  Being part of the panel can also give you valuable experience, skills and understanding which certainly adds to a CV when looking for jobs. Most of all it’s so rewarding to be part of a community that benefits all. 


It doesn’t matter what skills or experience you have or feel you don't have; we all learn much from each other and we all offer different views and skills to bring to the table. Collectively we have a stronger voice to get our views across and our needs met. We can, and do, make a huge difference.