Our Successful Tenancies Team can work with you to achieve positive results that will help to sustain your tenancy and assist in other aspects of life. We can carry out a full benefit check to see if your income can be increased and run through a budget with you to look at reducing your outgoings.

We keep up to date with the many changes in the Welfare Benefit system, as well as keeping our eyes out for grants and schemes that may be available to you in your local area.

Below you can find out more about how the team can help you.  Further down the page, you will find our online form, which you simply need to complete and we will be in touch.


benefit checkWe can carry out a full benefit check with you. This will check what assistance you may be entitled to, and any other help available, like help with prescription costs or free school meals. Where it is needed, we can help you to complete benefit claims and grant applications. 



explaining credit


We can explain Universal Credit, and other benefits, and the impact that they may have on you. 



bedroom tax


We may be able to help you with benefit problems, such as delays, benefit cap, bedroom tax, sanctions and appeals. 





We can help you to work out a budget that will make the best use of your money, and also work out how much you can pay towards any arrears that you may have. 




If you’re worried about debt, we can signpost or refer you to free, licensed and local specialist debt teams. 





We can offer you a FREE online career coaching subscription through our partnership with ‘Stay Nimble’ to help you to prepare for and get into work, or to improve your work situation. If you live in Worcestershire, we may refer you to one of our Job Coaches.





We, or any other Platform Colleague, can help you to apply to our Wellbeing Fund for assistance. 






We can give basic guidance on energy matters but are able to signpost or refer you to other services that can provide more specialist support. 




food pantry


We can help you to find your local Food Pantry. 



Successful Tenancies Team Support

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How we helped customers in 2021-22

Last year, was another challenging year that affected all of us in one way or another. The number of customers that turned to our team for support was greater than ever. We received over 5,100 referrals and we were able to work with these customers to make sure that they received the correct level of benefit support, as well as helping them to better manage their money.

Working with customers, we were able to deliver:

  • £2,217,098.28 - assistance with Universal Credit applications

  • £1,007,736.20 - assistance with Housing Benefit applications

  • £384,787.54 - discretionary/backdated payment assistance

  • £1,190,361.45 - other benefit payments (e.g., PIP)