Here to Help

Platform Housing Group has its own team dedicated to helping you pay your rent.

We can do a full benefit check to see if your income can be increased and run through a budget with you to look at reducing your outgoings. The Team also have localised knowledge about grants and schemes available to you.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything in more detail:

0333 200 7304
and ask for the Welfare Reform and Tenancy Sustainment Team.


(be sure to include your full name and address)

Helping Yourself

There are a lot of resources available online for debt advice - many of these, like those listed below, are free. But please remember to always check where this advice is coming from, and be sure that there are no hidden costs or contracts. When in doubt, always try to use a service that is recommended by the Money Advice Service or another impartial company. 

Below is a list of some of the first steps you can take to help yourself with debt or money concerns.

  • Look at your income and expenditure by using our self-service benefit and budget calculator at the bottom of this page – you will also be able to forward this to the team to ask for further advice/assistance 
  • Look at what benefits you may be able receive. More information can be found at:
  • Many people are claiming Universal Credit. Remember, it is important that you check your account regularly and keep your journal up to date.
  • The Money Advice Service offices a Debt Advice Locator which tells you where you can get free debt advice in your area. This is a really good tool to help you take control of your financial situation and feel less stressed and anxious - it can be found at:
  • A lot of people have been impacted by Covid-19 – more information and advice is available at
  • If you are a Platform customer and have been financially affected by Covid-19, some further information can be found on this website at: - or you can speak to one of our team using the contact infomation above if you are struggling to pay your rent. 

Council Tax

If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for Council Tax Support or Reduction for help paying your bill.

This can be done online on your Local Authority’s website or over the phone. If you live on your own or with children under 18, be sure to claim a Sole Occupier discount to get 25% off your bill.

Utility Bills

Saving money on your gas and electric bills is a good way to maximise your income.

There are lots of price comparison sites available but please ask the team if you need assistance with swapping your supplier. If you know you will be switching, make sure you are aware of any exit fees that may be charged. There are tariffs available that do not have any exit fees.


Always prioritise your primary debts, such as rent and council tax.

It may be possible to negotiate lower payments with other creditors. You can get assistance through and/or, and you can ask our team for further advice and guidance. Your local Citizen’s Advice may also be able to help.

Self-Service Benefit and Budgeting Calculator

Link to Citizens Advice Contact Us Page logo

Click here to visit the Citizens Advice Bureau contact us page and find your local citizens advice service

Link to Understanding Universal Credit GOV.UK website

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Each of the logos below links to an organisation that can provide advice or guidance

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