Loft spaces should always be kept clear and no personal items stored.
If work needs to be carried out, it’s essential our Repairs and Maintenance team can access the space.
man laying loft insulation in loft space

The key reasons for this are:

  • Loft boards and flooring in the loft or roof space are not designed to hold or store items as they cannot take heavyweight.
  • The horizontal rafter or ceiling joist timbers in your loft are there purely to hold up the ceiling below. Items stored in the loft could cause the ceiling to start to bow resulting in cracking which could potentially result in your ceiling failing and collapsing. 
  • If accessing the loft/roof space there is a risk of falling through the ceiling. It’s very easy when moving around in the loft to miss the ceiling joists resulting in standing on the actual ceiling (which will not take the weight of a person). The result would be a fall to the lower floor level of some eight feet or more, which could be potentially fatal.  
  • An untidy or cluttered loft could promote a pest infestation resulting in damage to your belongings and the fabric of the building
  • If there were to be a fire in your home then excessive items stored in your loft could act as fuel and potentially allow the fire to spread more quickly and cause more damage.
  • Items being stored can also have an impact on the insulation performance and consequently affect your heating bills.

Please note: We are not liable for any items that are stored in the loft space of your home and any damage caused to the loft area could be rechargeable.