Lifts and Stair Lifts

We have passenger lifts and stair lifts located communally within blocks and also within customer’s homes.

These lifts are essential for providing customers with access to their homes and in their homes.  

Stair lift at bottom of stairs
What we will do to keep you safe: 

We have a duty of care to ensure the lifting equipment is kept and maintained to a safe standard for use. 

Carry out regular LOLER (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment) inspections and servicing visits of our lifts and ensure any works identified during these checks are carried out promptly.  

Respond promptly to reports of people becoming trapped in lifts. 

Respond promptly to reports of issues affecting use and operation. 

What you can do to assist and keep yourself safe: 
  • Follow the instructions that will be displayed on each individual lift. 
  • Please follow the weight restrictions that will be displayed. 
  • Promptly report issues or concerns affecting any lift. 
  • Allow access to our contractors to maintain lifting equipment. 
Hoist fitted to ceiling

We need your assistance:

Do you have a
  • stair lift
  • hoist
  • step lift or 
  • through floor lift 
or another type of adaptive lift installed in your home that hasn’t been checked or serviced in the past 12 months? 
If you do, then please contact us on 0333 200 7304 as soon as possible.