Household safety

Each year, more people are killed or injured by accidents in the home, than any other type of accident.  

Pan on cooker with steam coming out

Here is a checklist to help remind you to avoid some of the more common household safety risks: 

  • Keep floors and floor coverings in good condition. 
  • Replace used or broken light bulbs at once. 
  • Keep stairs well-lit. 
  • Use non-slip polishes and mats. 
  • Do not put mirrors above fires or log burners, as this could encourage people to stand too close to the fire.. 
  • Keep children away from cookers and turn pan handles away from the front of the cooker. 
  • Keep all medicines and cleaning products out of children’s reach. 
  • Avoid long flexes and replace worn flexes immediately. Keep flexes away from cookers. 
  • Do not mix toilet cleaners and bleaches as this can cause harmful gasses. 
  • Do not leave matches or lighters around if there are young children about.