Digital Champions

Our Digital Champions volunteer to support customers to get online. 

As a Digital Champion you will be invited to volunteer at IT sessions in community venues near your home. Becoming a digital champion is a great way to help others improve their digital skills and overcome digital exclusion. 

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What is involved in being a Digital Champion?

Your Skills

You don’t need to be an IT expert or have a degree in coding to become a digital champion.  You just need:

  • Basic IT skills, including communicating via email
  • Patience and a friendly personality
  • To be flexible and adaptable
  • An understanding of, and commitment towards, equality and diversity

Your Role

As a Digital Champion you will need to complete our short training course and be able to volunteer for around 2 hours per week. You will help our customers learn:

  • Basic internet searches
  • How to set up an email account
  • How to shop online
  • How to do job searches
  • How to use price comparison sites
  • How to staying in touch with friends and family digitally


“I started working at Platform’s Help Centre in Malvern a year ago, helping people with IT basics as a Digital Champion. I’ve never done paid work before, only work experience, so the opportunity to interact with so many people on a regular basis really helped my confidence and the experience inspired me to look harder for paid work. Catering is my passion and I’m delighted to say that I have now secured my first ever paid employment as a relief catering assistant. I started my training this week and I love it!"

Jordan, Digital Champion
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How do I apply to become a Digital Champion?

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