Complaints Reviewers

Our customer Complaints Reviewers play a vital role in the Final Review stage of our Complaints Procedure. 

As a Complaints Reviewer you will see every complaint that gets to Final Review stage and play an integral role in ensuring that our response is fair and customer-focused. 

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What is involved in being a Complaints Reviewer?

Your skills

You will need:

  • Basic IT skills, including communicating via email
  • Regular access to the internet
  • The ability to read and review documents
  • To be able to remain neutral and unbiased
  • Provide feedback and suggested changes to customer complaint letters

Your Role

As a Complaints Reviewer you will:

  • Read response letters at the final stage of our complaints process from a customer’s
    point of view.
  • Make sure the content of the letter is clear and the language used is easy to
  • Receive emails from us containing complaints for you to review for you to provide feedback on.


“My experience, as a reviewer of final stage complaints is that it’s important to get a fully rounded outlook and where possible have a positive outcome for both the tenant and landlord.”

Ian, Complaints Reviewer
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Read the Complaints Reviewer Role Profile

“I have been a Complaints Reviewer since the role was created. It has given me a chance to put the customer perspective and enabled me to see problems and trends as they develop and to make recommendations if I think changes are necessary. It has also helped me in my roles on the Scrutiny Panel and as a Community Rep and given me the pleasure and privilege of working with various members of staff. I hope to be able to continue for as long as possible.”

John, Complaints Reviewer
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How do I apply?

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