Meet Droitwich Community Rep, Sam

“Being a community Rep is all about bringing your community together and making it a better place to live.” 

Sam has lived on The Westlands for over 30 years and has resided in the local area for most of her life.  She has a home on the estate with her partner and four children and became a Community Rep in 2019. 

Below Sam shares her experience of being a Community Rep.

Platform's Community Engagement Officer, Chris is pictured with Community Rep Sam.

Sam's Story

“I remember going to a residents meeting and Platform’s Community Engagement Officer, Chris Colley spoke about a new breakfast club being launched in our local Community Hall. explains Sam. 

“My youngest child was a baby at the time, and I wanted to get out more, so I asked Chris if he needed any help, which I could only do if my son could come with me.” 

This was just the start of Sam’s journey to becoming a voice for her community. She started regularly helping out and eventually ran the breakfast club, before becoming a Community Rep. 

“I was always at the Community Hall and speaking to my neighbours on a regular basis, so agreeing to be a Community Rep felt like a natural next step for me. 

Community Reps, work with Platform’s Community Engagement Team to create a strong link between the landlord and their community, primarily to help ensure that the neighbourhood is a safe, friendly, tidy place where people are proud to live.   

“I support people on a real mix of things as they know that if I can help them, I will. The older generation often need my support as they don’t always have access to the internet or know how to use it, so if they are experiencing problems with their home or in the local community, I will help them report it.” 

Over the years, Sam has taken on more roles at the Community Hall including Trustee and Secretary and earlier this year, she secured a part-time job as a Project Assistant at Moving Forward. 
When asked if she would encourage other customer to get involved, Sam said: “Being a community Rep can be fun as it’s all about bringing your community together and making it a better place to live. 
“It was tricky at first, but it gave me the confidence to get back out and about, speak to my neighbours and get involved in activities locally, which is so important when you have small children. 

“Although it can be difficult at times, as people tend to think things can be done immediately, it can also be extremely rewarding as I have developed good relationships with people locally and they know that if I can help get fly-tipping removed or support them to report a repair, I will. 

“I’d definitely recommend that other customers find out more and give being a Community Rep a try!” 
Platform’s Community Engagement Officer, Chris Colley who is pictured with Sam added, “Sam is an integral part of the Westlands Community as she is involved in most things that are going on, and if she’s not involved then she’ll still know about it! 
“She has always been active in the community and it’s great to see that her involvement with Platform and other activities has led to her getting a job with the Moving Forward project, that making a real difference on the estate. 
Sam is very self-sufficient as a Community Rep and is knowledgeable about how to deal with lots of issues for customers that come to her, and if she cannot help them herself she knows to contact me to get them the help they need. 
“Notably winning the Wychavon Community award for her work back in 2020, Sam has also won several others awards for all her hard work in the community. She is a real hero to her neighbours, and a real help as Platforms ‘eyes and ears’ on the Westlands.” 

Interested in becoming a Community Rep for your local area?