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The Platform Communities Team maintain a blog - Community Conversations - where you can find out about what's happening in your community. This is where we'll post news, information about volunteering, and other interesting things!

Blog: Community Conversations

5 Ways to get involved

As a customer of Platform, you can make your voice heard and it has never been more important that you tell us about the issues that matter to you and that you have the opportunity to work with us to resolve them.


We understand that your time is valuable so, if attending regular meetings just isn’t for you, here are 5 quick and easy ways you can get involved and work with us:


Mystery Shopping

Picture of people holding lollipop placards with green ticks on in front of their faces

Being a mystery shopper is one of the easiest ways you can make your voice heard and share your opinions with us. All it involves is completing regular surveys looking at a particular area of our business. Normally this will involve either making a phone call to our contact centre or looking something up on our website.


Attend Local Events

Photo of a community event with residents and police

We hold events in lots of local areas including estate walkabouts and resident meetings. The more customers we get attending these the better as it helps us get an idea of local issues meaning we can address them more effectively. So, if you receive a message about an event on your scheme then come out and see us, even if you don’t have anything specific to discuss it’s great to see our customers and have the chance to have a chat with you!


Become a Community Champion

Photo of the community champion handbook pack (notebook, pen, info leaflet, teabag, coffee sachet, oat bar)

Becoming a Community Champion for your scheme doesn’t have to involve a lot of work. It’s up to each champion how they want the role to work, but essentially, it’s about acting as a voice for your community and helping us to make it a better place for everyone living there. Community Champions raise issues that affect a whole community and work alongside Platform to help find solutions.


Visit the website & keep reading this blog!

Image of website home page

Community Conversations and the Platform website are full of useful information about work we’re doing with our customers. But, more than that, we are always working with customers to get their opinions on the content we cover.


So, if have a topic you would like to hear more about simply comment below or email us at and have your say!


Follow us on social media

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Did you know that the Platform Communities Team has its own Facebook page and Twitter handles?
You can follow us on any of these to keep up to date with the latest news and comment on anything that interests you.



If the list above has whet your appetite for customer involvement and you would like to find out more about making your voice heard; then head over to the Get Involved section of our website for a full list of our customer engagement activities.

Read 5 Ways to get involved…

Contributing to Communities

At Platform Housing Group we’re passionate about encouraging communities to develop initiatives that bring people together and improve the lives of those around them. To help communities do this we’ve created the Community Chest Fund to support a range of activities and projects across our communities that aim to make life better for residents. 


The Community Chest fund supports customers, charities, clubs, and not-for-profit organisations who want to bring about positive changes in Platform communities. The fund is allocated by members of our Customer Experience Panel, who are passionate about seeing bids from groups who are working to make a real difference in their communities.  


The most recent round of bids came in during March and April and came from a wide range of groups supporting lots of different projects. Here’s a taster of some of the bids we were able to support: 



Picture of Sports equipment including tennis rackets & balls 

Sport Activities and Clubs 





In early 2021 we received an application from Alford Sports Hall Association for over £7,000 to buy new sports equipment for the facility. The panel were impressed with the bid and keen to support the project which showed how the new equipment would provide much needed opportunities for local children to be able to get involved in a wide range of sporting activities. The facilities would also be available for adults to use in the evenings, giving the whole community a chance to improve their health and well-being. 


As well as approving this bid the Panel also approved a further £4,500+ to support other sport initiatives, including local football clubs and a judo club.