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The Platform Communities Team maintain a blog - Community Conversations - where you can find out about what's happening in your community. This is where we'll post news, information about volunteering, and other interesting things!

Blog: Community Conversations

Going Green

Never has there been a greater spotlight on environmental issues then there is right now. At Platform we recognise the importance of protecting our planet & looking at how the work we do impacts the environment both locally & globally. 


A picture of the earth with Responsibility written above it. 


We realise that as a landlord & a house builder our environmental impact can be wide ranging & we need to look at all aspects of our work & consider how we can make them more environmentally sustainable. 


We have a strong track record of working with our customers & communities to promote environmental sustainability through a variety of projects & initiatives. We’ve worked with partners such as schools, universities, local authorities & community groups, across our operating areas to deliver a range of activities including: 


  • Preservation and Promoting biodiversity: 

  • Developing and supporting community gardens, allotments and community orchards  

  • ‘Re-wilding’ land and converting unused outside spaces  

  • Developing an ‘Eco-community Centre’ and wildlife corridors  

  • Supporting ‘pollinator’ programmes and projects  

  • Increasing and supporting wildlife with bat and bird boxes  

  • Taking part in the RHS ‘Its Your Neighbourhood’ awards  


  • Reducing waste and pollution 

  • Litter picks and neighbourhood ‘tidy-ups’  

  • Developing recycling programmes such as the ‘white bag’ scheme  

  • Developing educational material on how to reduce waste  


  • Fuel Efficiency 

  • Supporting the implementation of updated heating systems in customers’ homes  

  • Promoting ways to reduce energy usage and bills  

  • Funding bike-stores to promote cycling  

  • Supporting travel plans to encourage more sustainable methods of travel 


These activities show Platform’s commitment to supporting initiatives linked to environmental sustainability amongst our customers. However, in order to develop our future approach to environmental sustainability we need to better understand what our customers want & expect from us. 


A pciture of a plug socket with a flower growing out of it. To help us do this we are looking at creating new roles for customers to work with us to help us develop the best approach to environmental sustainability moving forward. If you’re passionate about the environment & would like to know more about this then keep an eye on our website & social media channels for more information coming soon! 


Plus keep looking out for our Green Strategy Survey which is due out later in May & is a great way for all our customers to have their say on how Platform goes green. 

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Championing Your Communities

Community Champions play a crucial role in helping keep us up to date with what’s happening in our communities and identifying improvements and projects that could make a difference where they live.