Tribute to our customer and Community Rep, John Cross

6 March 2024
3 mins

Late last year we were really saddened to hear of the death of one of our customers and long-standing volunteer Community Rep

Just prior to hearing the sad news, we had chatted to John about his role as a Community Rep and what it meant to him so, with the permission of John’s family, we feel it would be fitting to share some of his heartwarming thoughts with you. 

“As a Community Rep, I talk to my neighbours about any issues and problems on the estate to try and make sure that it’s a lovely place for people to live.” 

John had lived in Worcester since he was 16 having previously lived in Malvern, so knew the local area really well.  He moved to the St Paul’s Estate in Worcester in 1992 and became a Platform Community Rep in 2020.

John recalled: “I remember being approached by the local Community Engagement Officer, Paul Edwards to see if I wanted to get involved and find out more about the Community Rep role, as I was obviously interested in what was happening locally.” 

This conversation launched John’s journey to becoming a voice for people living on the St Paul’s Estate, where he became well known to both his neighbours and our colleagues. 

John also regularly attended our quarterly Community Rep meetings and local Neighbourhood Walkabouts, to ensure that he was up to speed with what was happening locally and talk about what mattered most to people living on the estate.”

He told us: “I have always been interested in the local area and helping others in my community.  As a Community Rep, I talk to my neighbours about any issues and problems on the estate to try and make sure that it’s a lovely place for people to live.

“As I have good relations with my neighbours and with Platform’s estate team, I can help to get things done around the neighbourhood and log anything that is not quite right, so that it can get sorted.”

When asked if he would encourage other customers to become Community Reps, as always John was all about helping others and really positive: “I would definitely encourage others to get involved as it’s really interesting and helps Platform and the local community work together to improve things and make a difference.” 

Our Community Engagement Officer, Paul Edwards knew John well and they were often in contact with each other: “John was known by everyone around The Blockhouse Estate and could often be seen sweeping up leaves and helping other residents. 

“He was on top of most things on the estate, be it lighting issues, graffiti, fly tipping, or blocked drainage; you name it, John had probably reported it.

“John was also recently successful in getting the local authority to agree to install a dropped kerb in James Close that will allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users easier access, which is just another example of how he always took the time to try and help others.

“We will really miss seeing John out and about in the community and send our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.”