Platform agrees customer wellbeing fund for the next year

21 June 2024
2 mins

Above:  Gary Jones, Successful Tenancies Advisor at Platform Housing Group supports the Wellbeing Team with benefits advice


We've agreed to fund our Wellbeing Fund for 2024-2025.


The £1.25million Fund supported 3,626 customers last year by providing essential food, clothing and energy vouchers, alongside whitegoods, beds and digital and wellbeing support.  Support included more than 2000 supermarket vouchers for food, 1640 energy vouchers and payment cards, 1,900 clothing and household essentials vouchers and more than 1000 whitegoods.  Throughout the year, the Fund received 7,009 applications and spent £1,123,991 supporting customers and communities


Marion Duffy, Chief Operations Officer at Platform Housing Group said: “We are so pleased to announce that we are extending our customer Wellbeing Fund for the next financial year.  The ongoing cost of living crisis continues to present financial challenges for everyone.  The Fund is open to all of our customers who are experiencing financial hardship and need short term support.  Please don’t suffer in silence, we are here to help.”


Customer testimonials include:


“The Wellbeing has helped immensely; I always find asking for help so incredibly difficult but the lady who called me made me feel at ease instantly.  Infact, after the phone call I felt a weight had lifted, just speaking to a complete stranger about my life struggles made me feel incredibly lighter.  The Fund itself is a fantastic idea and I am so glad it is there.  The lady I spoke to is a fantastic team member and I really want to personally thank her for her help and her reassurance.”


“The Wellbeing Fund was a lifeline.  I am now getting a cooker which me and my daughter are in great need of. The energy fund helped me pay towards my first gas and electricity bill. When moving into a property with not much after paying a month’s rent in advance, this has really helped me. Thank you so much for all your help.”


The Fund – which was established in 2020 – is part of our commitment to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our customers.


For further information and to apply please visit