Community Housing Customers

Funding helps support Droitwich warm hub

6 April 2023
2 mins

Platform customers in Droitwich will continue to receive a warm welcome and support at their community hubs, thanks to £30,000 funding from Platform Housing Group and EEM.

Platform's vision is to build a better future by investing in affordable homes, services and communities, so we are using £20,000 from their Wellbeing and Community Chest Funds, along with a further £10,000 grant from the EEM Trust, to help support existing warm hubs.

One of the first local organisations to benefit is Droitwich Methodist Church who have received £250 of the funding to help them hold their warm hub sessions, stay open longer or offer more food.

Marion Duffy, Chief Operations Officer at Platform Housing Group said, “Running in the heart of local communities, warm hubs are designed to support vulnerable and isolated people, as well as those on lower incomes, when the cost of living continues to be a daily challenge.

“The activities and services available at the community hubs we’re supporting are operated by volunteers from within the local area; people who are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of their local communities.” 

Platform’s campaign to keep their customers warm and supported will see them donate the £30,000 local charities and organisations, like Droitwich Methodist Church across their area of operations.

Volunteer at Droitwich Methodist Church, Mary Stanbury said, “We are very grateful for the generous donation from Platform Housing Group, as running our sessions very much depends on volunteers and funding.

“Since starting our warm community hub last November we have had 32 people through our doors, meeting others and enjoy a cuppa and hot food. We have also screened for them Calendar Girls and Ladies in Lavender.”

You can find out more about Warm Community Hubs and a list of the organisations and charities we have supported here.