What Repairs Are You Responsible For?

As part of your tenacy agreement, you agree to be responsible for certain repairs and the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of your property. 

We expect you to organise and pay for any repairs that are your responsibility.

The key repairs you are responsible for are:


External Areas

Repair or replacement of garage internal and ironmongery elements inclusive of door locks and fittings, finishes (if caused by damage by the customer or visitor)

Repair or replacement of bins to individual house or flat

TV Aerials
Repair or replacement of TV aerials or satellite dishes serving an individual house or flat

Washing Lines
Repair or replacement of washing lines and rotary dryers to an individual house or flat

Maintenance of trees, grass, hedges, shrubs


Repair to dividing fencing, except privacy panel


Platform will repair, replace or upgrade paving/tarmac of the path leading to the front entrance door to the equivalent of 1 flag width, and around the property to a side or rear entrance door to the equivalent of 1 flag width. Anything beyond this is the customers responsibility

Timber Sheds
Maintenance of timber sheds or of its removal if no longer required


Within Boundary
Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack etc. within property boundary (if caused by damage or neglect by the customer)

Outside Boundary
Blocked or leaking shared foul drain outside property boundary (customer via utility company)

External Joinery

Replacement of window keys if lost

Repair or replacement of door locks, replacement of keys, letter plate, number plate, security chain, spy hole and other associated door ironmongery


Gas and Heating

Bleeding of radiators

Repair or fitting of cookers and cooker connections such as bayonet fittings


Light Bulbs
Replacement of light bulbs - general need properties

Door Bells
If battery operated or fitted by a previous Customer

Security and Alarms
Repair or replacement of security lights, burglar alarms or other security devices

Smoke/CO Alarms

Smoke Detectors
Repair or replacement of battery operated smoke detectors (customer is responsible for replacing the batteries in the detectors)


Blocked Sink
Blocked basins, sinks, baths, showers and level access shower wet room gullies

Plug/ Tap Washer
Replacement of plug, chain, bath panel

WC Seats
Repair or replacement of W.C. seat - general needs

Internal Finishes

Minor wall and ceiling plaster work suitable for filling with pollyfiller

Repair or replace wall and floor tiling finishes inclusive of bathroom and kitchen splash back tiles (if through damaged caused by customer or visitor)

Kitchen, Bathroom and WC flooring covered by PHG, all other floor coverings are customers responsibility

Kitchen Appliances
General Kitchen appliances
(customer to arrange for connecting and plumbing in appliances, such as cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers)

Painting and decoration (General Needs)

Internal Joinery

Kitchen Units
Cupboard doors/drawers that become loose due to fair wear and tear
Other repairs – broken drawer/damaged cupboard doors – maybe recharged

Repair or replacement of internal doors and door ironmongery (customers responsibility if caused by damage or neglect)
Door changes to accommodate carpets including re-fixing of any draught excluders

Curtain Rails
Repair or replacement of curtain pole, rail or track replacement

Vermin and Infestations

Removal of mice, rats and other vermin in non-communal areas


Void Clean
It is the former customers responsibility for small and large environmental clean if former tenant not carried out


Upgrading of new or additional components outside of PHG replacement timescales or to a higher specification than standard


Finding a tradesperson

We expect you to organise and pay for any repairs that are your responsibility.

There are several websites where you can search for a reliable tradesperson to carry out work for you, such as:

This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to check around or seek recommendations from friends and family to find qualified, trustworthy and affordable tradespersons to carry out any works in your home.

If you are still unsure which repairs are your responsibility, or if you have genuine difficulties getting jobs done, please call us on 0333 200 7304. In certain circumstances we may be able to arrange to have works for which you are responsible done for you on a rechargeable basis (we will carry out the works and then send you an invoice for the cost)

Rechargeable Repairs Guide

Please download a copy of our  Rechargeable Repairs Guide May 2022[pdf] 2MB .

As a Customer of PHG, you have the responsibility under your tenancy agreement to undertake repairs which have been caused to your home by damage or neglect, or by visitors who have been invited to your home.

This guide provides information on what repairs you may be charged for, who is responsible for what repairs, and how repairs can be paid for.