cvp member


Customer Voice Panel Member

“I agree with Maslow’s 1954 ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ and that one of the most important things you can do for someone is give them the most basic need they require, a home ‘shelter’ a place where they can feel warm, safe and secure, a fundamental foundation where everything else can develop from. This is what motivated me to apply for my role.”


Having been involved with strategic governance and oversight panels with Platform and its legacy companies for 15 years, I understand the importance of good strategic governance and that vigilant scrutiny over resources, safety and quality, leads to best practice. 


I have always felt that in my oversight role, it’s important not just to draw from my experiences, as a customer, but also to be informed by government legislation and regulation, as well as reviews and studies from other founding bodies and institutes.


Having previously worked with Lincolnshire Action Trust to empower and support offenders, I hold a BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology from the University of Lincoln and a Higher Education Certificate in Social and Community Studies from the University of Hull.

If you are inclusive, understand and accept people's uniqueness and diversity, embrace that everybody has value and that value deserves to be empowered, are a strategic thinker with a keen eye for small detail, becoming a panel member could just be for you!