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Platform remembers Srebrenica

Platform Housing Group – which has its headquarters in the Midlands – took part in a civic event on Friday 9 July at Worcester’s Guildhall from 11.00am until 11.30am to commemorate 2021 Srebrenica Memorial Week, which ran from Sunday 4 to Sunday 11 July.

This year’s theme is entitled ‘Rebuilding Lives’.

Events during the week were organised by Remembering Srebrenica, a charity that raises awareness about the Bosnian genocide and its relevance for community cohesion, tolerance and challenging prejudice and racism.

The Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Stephen Hodgson, presided over the civic event.

Tom Piotrowski, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Platform Housing Group said: “We have been supporting the Srebrenica Memorial events in Worcester since our study visit to Bosnia organised several years ago by the national charity, Remembering Srebrenica. As one of the UK’s largest social landlords and a significant employer in the region we are aware that it is our responsibility to set the tone in how the local communities are being built and that mutual respect and celebration of diversity is the cornerstone of cohesion.”

Remembering Srebrenica was founded in 2013 and has taken more than 1,450 British citizens to Srebrenica to learn about the genocide through the Lessons from Srebrenica programme which is funded by central government.

Tom continued: “We need this cohesion now as much as ever before considering the abuse that some communities continue to suffer online and in person in their daily lives. Hate, prejudice and racism often starts with seemingly innocuous comments. We must continue to come together to challenge these kinds of attitudes and comments and celebrate diversity as something that enriches us more than divides us.”

Amil Khan, Director of Remembering Srebrenica and a speaker at the event said: “The tragedy of Srebrenica is a contemporary reminder that the struggle against darkness will never end and the need for vigilance will never fade away. It emphasises the importance and relevance in marking Srebrenica Memorial Day here in the UK. Occasions such as this unites communities from different backgrounds to come together and reaffirm our commitment to tackle hatred and prejudice in all forms, whilst strengthening our resolve to ensure that the phrase ‘never again’ is truly meant.”

Platform Housing Group’s Diversity Champions programme focuses on LGBT, religion and belief, disabilities and lifelong conditions like autism, ethnic minorities and other diversity strands. Currently employees volunteer within an area of interest and customers are also encouraged to take part.

For further information, please contact Tom Piotrowski, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Platform Housing Group at

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