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Platform provides service as ambulance strikes hit

Platform will be providing a service to people who fall during the planned ambulance strikes this month.

Platform Housing Group’s Falls Response Team will be responding to 999 and 111 calls on Wednesday 11 and Monday 23 January.

Although Platform has been running the service in the county since 2013, traditionally it has responded to those with a pendant alarm; with the announcement of the strikes, the team will now respond to both 999 and 111 calls on these days.

Lauren Adam, Falls Response Team Leader at Platform Housing Group said : “As soon as we heard about the strikes, we decided that we would contact the NHS and explore how we could offer extra help. With the news that a person could be on the floor for up to 3 days while the ambulance strike takes place was something that we felt compelled to assist with.”

Lauren concluded : “We will be responding to 999 and 111 calls on these days which means that the NHS neighbourhood team can respond to higher priority calls.  We will also be working closely with our Neighbourhood teams during this time so that if somebody falls that we think requires medical assistance we can call on them which may result in preventing an ambulance call out.

“Our team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; we are justifiably proud of our colleagues going above and beyond in this instance.”

phg falls responders

Above: Platform Housing Group will play a key role in responding to people who fall during next week’s ambulance strike

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