Furniture from Malvern show homes given to local residents in need | Latest News

Furniture from Malvern show homes given to local residents in need

Items from a house on Nightingale Road have been given to a charity that distributes to families across the area. Sideboards, dining sets and sofas were all collected by the charity Roundabout who are trying to address furniture poverty in South Worcestershire, West Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds. They were awarded the Queens award for voluntary service in 2019. 


Roundabout recently gave furniture to Michael Elliot who lives in one of our homes in Powick, with some of the items from the show home included in the delivery. Mr Elliot had lived in his Dad’s old caravan for the past few years before moving into his new home, where his family can now visit and stay over to support him with his on-going health problems. 


Mr Elliot said, “A friend in Malvern told me about the service and then to find out that through Platform I could apply was fantastic. It’s a mixture of newer and older items but I don’t care, it’s such a good feeling to know I have it all now. It means my family can now visit more often and stay more comfortably than before, it feels like I have a proper home now.

“I want to thank Platform and Roundabout for their help. I really hope more people can come forward and donate anything they don’t want as there are loads of people who need it and will really appreciate the help.” 


James Harvey, one of our Supported Living Officers, was there where when the items were delivered to Mr Elliot’s affordable rent property earlier in December. 


“The support we offer our customers takes many forms and in this case it was great to help Michael source the furniture he desperately needed to make his new house feel like a home in time for Christmas. Roundabout’s service has been first class and we’ll be looking for other opportunities to work with them in the future – be it with our customers or others in need in the community.” 


If you think you could donate furniture items you can visit


Photo: Left to right - Customer Michael Elliot, Supported Housing Officer James Harvey with Andy and Richard from Roundabout

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