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Become a Diversity Champion!

Platform Housing Group is committed to making Equality, Diversity and Inclusion our key priority. In order to make our commitment active and genuinely inspiring right across the organisation we need our customers and partner organisations to help us get there. In other words, we are looking for our very own “Diversity Champions!

We're looking for both volunteers to develop projects and campaigns that highlight the diversity of our communities as well as partner organisations to deliver projects that celebrate diversity and benefit customers.

Diversity Champions will play an important role by suggesting and developing projects and campaigns that highlight diversity of our local communities. They will also help us realise our zero tolerance approach to harassment, bullying, victimisation and discrimination.

All champions will choose their area of interest or an individual cause that they would like to champion. The chosen themes should correspond to one of the nine protected characteristics laid out by the equality legislation (for more information please visit our Get Involved page) Additionally, volunteers can choose other aspects of exclusion or inequality, e.g. social isolation, health inequalities, access barriers.


If you think you can make a difference in your local community by highlighting its diversity, breaking down barriers and including residents in activities then we can provide funding for your project. To find out more please visit our Get Involved page.

We are holding an online launch event on 26th January at 1pm. To reserve a place please contact our Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Tom Piotrowski via or 07805 812 708.

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