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A change is coming to Westlands in Droitwich

Things are happening in the Westlands area of Droitwich with the vision of neighbourhood improvements starting to become a reality.

Earlier this year the north side of the neighbourhood was explored by way of a walkabout with the Westlands Residents Association, Platform Housing Group, the local Police, Wychavon Environmental Officers and Local Councillors, where several projects were identified.


Platform Housing Communities Team also carried out a survey with the residents.


Out of this, a Residents Action Plan has been developed in conjunction with involved partners, the Residents Association Chair and Secretary and the Moving Forward project with an additional contribution from Wychavon District Council following their recent estate summit meeting. The Plan lists the objectives for the issues raised both within the survey and the walkabout, with long, medium- and short-term goals.


One of the areas identified for improvement was the play area in the middle of the neighbourhood. 

A Community Day took place on Wednesday October 27 and residents came out in force to clean the existing equipment on the playground and refreshed it with a coat of paint.

They were also able to have their say on what equipment they would like to see on the park being made possible with joint funding from Platform Housing and Whychavon District Council towards new play equipment.


Platform Housings Community Officer Chris Colley said: “This is one of our biggest community projects and we’re really proud of the way in which residents and partners have grasped it with both hands and want to make a real difference in the neighbourhood. The Action Plan cements everything we’ve talked about and helps us all with planning what needs to be done and help to keep moving forward.”


Tony Libetta, Chair of the Residents Association said: “The residents group have been working closely with Platform, Wychavon District Council and Droitwich Town Council over the past few months to develop the plan for changes on our estate. We are delighted that our identified projects are to begin with the much-needed refurbishment of the children’s play area in the centre and hope that this will just be the first of many changes taken from the plan to be implemented here.”

Photo Caption: Some of the residents who got involved in neighbourhood improvements

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