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Important information about our repairs service

We have some important Information about our repairs service

We are aware that you are waiting longer than we would all like for repairs to be completed; firstly, we would like to apologise for this and secondly, we feel it is important to tell you the reasons for this and what we are doing to address them.

Why is everything taking so long?

Emergency repairs

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to deliver emergency repairs. We have completed more emergency repairs over the last 18 months than we ever have done, with 30% of our total repairs delivered on the day they were reported compared to 25% before the pandemic.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are those that are currently most effected; in some cases customers are waiting three times longer for non-urgent repairs to be completed than they would have done prior to the pandemic.

The reasons for this are:

· There has been an increase in repairs being reported to us in a short period of time following the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions; this has created a peak in demand;

· Impacts of self-isolation and sickness across our team has reduced the number of colleagues available to complete your repairs;

· A booming construction industry which is making it really difficult for us to recruit people to our repairs teams;

· Material supplies taking much longer to arrive.


What are we doing about it?

· We are continuing to work on ways to improve our communications to customers to ensure that you are always kept up to date on issues that affect you.

· We will continue to share important updates with customers via the website, our social media channels and also our customer newsletter.

What can you do to help?

· We would ask you to be patient; if your repair worsens however please get in touch as we may need to adjust the priority of your repair;

· Ensure that you know where your fuse board is to reset tripped circuits, and your stop tap or isolation valves should you have a leak;

· And remember, please do not report any repairs that fall under your responsibility.


Please be assured that we are maintaining all safety and compliance works as a priority during these times.


We’re not alone in this; these are sector wide issues that are affecting all housing providers delivering maintenance services. We are focused on resolving these for you as quickly as possible; for example, we are recruiting more people to deliver our services and are continuing to meet with our suppliers regarding our supply chain.

We’d like to thank you for your continued patience, support and understanding as we work hard to get our services back to normal.

Please note, due to this issue we have increased call volumes to our Call Centre; please use our Portal if possible during this time.

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