Communities Week 2020

Despite the difficulties posed by Covid, Communities Week 2020 still took place – virtually! For more information please visit the Platform Housing Communities' Facebook page.

Communities Week is an opportunity for customers and staff across the organisation to come together to bring about positive changes within our communities.

The challenges that everyone has faced (and continues to face) through this year mean it was more important than ever for Platform to use Communities Week this year to make a difference. The lockdown, home-schooling, anxiety about the virus, missing loved ones and financial worries have had a significant impact on the well-being of people everywhere. Communities Week 2020 was themed around the internationally recognised 'Five Ways To Wellbeing': Connect; Be Active; Take Notice; Keep Learning and Give.

There were five projects, one to reflect each of the 'Five Ways To Wellbeing'. Each one created opportunities for both colleagues and customers to get involved and for positive, sustainable change to take place for people in Platform communities. Find out more below!


What a year! The Covid-19 outbreak is surely a landmark moment in human history. Connect is a project that’s designed to reflect that.

Connect is an exciting Communities Week initiative joining schemes, locals schools and Platform Housing colleagues. We're gathering stories, poems, artwork and photos of living through this historic period, which we will upload them to a Digital Time Capsule on our website.

Everything will be visible for a few weeks before we ‘bury’ the page for five years. After five years, we'll ‘dig it up’ to look back on this challenging time.

Be Active

How Far Can WE Go

During Lock Down we know it’s hard to feel motivated to do regular physical exercise, during Communities Week we want to encourage people to get active and set their own goal no matter how big or small.   

Customers and colleagues can take on personal exercise challenges to see How Far WE Can Go together. The challenge will run from Monday 23rd to Monday 30th November. For regular updates and images please visit the Communities Facebook page.

We want people to take part in any way they can, it may be by running or jogging, or it could be just walking round the block.  May be a bike ride or skipping in your back garden.  It doesn’t matter, it’s the taking part that counts.

We have been very lucky to have been sponsored by Travis Perkins, DJD Architects and Anthony Collins Solicitors, who have kindly donated 3 Garmin Sports Watches as prizes.

Exercise helps us in many ways, it lowers the rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.  It can make you feel happier and increase energy levels.

Please make sure you stay safe when you exercise, check with your doctor if you're in any doubt.  It’s always good to wear a high viz jacket or light coloured clothes, maybe take a torch if you walk or run in the dark and remember to stay on the path.

QR Code Also remember the social distancing guidance and only exercise indoors with your family bubble and outside with one other person.

All you have to do is set your target distance or total up all your distances at the end of the week and let us know by scanning the QR Code. You could let us know the distances as you go along.

Using the QR Code is easy.  You will need to download a QR reader onto your phone or tablet.  These can be found Free on the apps store. Scan the code, this will automatically take you to the electronic form to log your details and distances.

Or you could e-mail us at:

You’ll need to tell us:  Your name, e-mail address, area where you live, your age group, what type of exercise you did, what distance you travelled.

You can also comment on any of our Facebook Posts throughout Communities Week.  We would also love to see any photos or selfies you take while you’re out and about.  You could enter them into the Take Notice Photo Competition, also taking place in Communities Week.

Please Note: 

In completing this form I understand that Platform Housing Group will receive and store my name, e-mail address, age group and the area I live. This information will be used for logging who has taken part in the challenge and for the distribution of certificates and prizes.  It will be protected and processed in accordance with UK Data protection Law.

More information is available at https:  //

Take Notice

And the winners are…

What makes me happy

The winner of the ‘What makes me happy’ category & Overall Winner is Joe from Powick with this stunning picture entitled ‘Almost Home’:

what makes me happy winner

Joe was pleasantly surprised that his photo was picked and explained a little more about it…

“The photo came about after spending the weekend on a boat trip to the Stourport carnival. Returning home after a four hour trip back down the mighty river Severn. Going through Worcester approaching Worcester Bridge the sun had started to shine on the cathedral. Using the dark underside of the bridge to frame the iconic cathedral from a different perspective than the usual views from the top of the bridge.  When you sail under the bridge it always makes me happy because I am almost home and back to my mooring at Diglis Basin”.


The ’Wildlife’ and ‘Selfie’ categories were both won by Pamela from Bromyard. She said they had such a giggle trying to take selfies! 

'Bee on Lobelia':

wildlife winner

'Teaching my sister-in-law how to take a selfie!':

selfie winner

What makes you sad

The winner of the ‘What makes you sad’ category was Michael, also from Bromyard, with this very poignant picture of him at the Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers memorial:

what makes you sad winner


Barry from Worcester was the winner of our ‘Nature’ category.  Looking after this beautiful Coy Carp has made lock-down a little easier to get through:

winning 'nature' photograph

Keep Learning

Learning is good for you! It can help fight boredom, increase your self-esteem, make connections with other like minded people, or even improve your job prospects.

Learning doesn’t have to be academic, ploughing through books and sitting exams (but there’s plenty of opportunity for that too), it could be learning about an activity you enjoy or discovering a new one.

Throughout Communities Week we’ll be posting and sharing information on a range of online learning opportunities and life hacks. This will include:

  • How to take better photographs

  • How to reduce condensation

  • Resetting your fuse board

  • Bleeding your radiators

  • Isolating your water Supply

  • Decorating tips

We’ll also be taking you on a culinary journey around the Mediterranean and giving you the chance to win a £50 food shopping voucher.

There's lots happening, so please keep an eye out on our Facebook page!


Research shows that acts of giving and kindness can improve mental wellbeing, this could include small acts of kindness towards other people, or larger ones like volunteering in your local community. Normally we would have been out and about during Communities Week to go out and help out some of our local charities, either by volunteering hands on help or through donations and fundraising efforts. However, like so many things, Covid meant that this wasn’t possible. Instead, we urged all staff to donate to Platform’s 5 corporate charities.  

We raised awareness of these charities that all work to make a difference in communities where our customers live during communities week and we asked staff to wear a funny hat for their meetings and then donate to our corporate charity fund. The fund is still rising and will be split between the following charities in time for Christmas: 

  1. Jubilee Foodbank – Market Harborough  
  2. The Project – Birmingham 
  3. Maggs Day Centre – Worcester
  4. Rural Action Derbyshire – Matlock 
  5. The Trinity Centre - Louth